Fred turns NineT, so we'll have an Ale!

12-14 June 2015, Victoria, BC, Canada

Weather, Climate

Technically we're not allowed to tell you. You see, the Island is pretty full, even though it's the size of England and and and, oh heck . . .

Here's a teaser, the Victoria Harbour Victoria Harbour, BC - 7 Day Forecast which is really a met observation and forecast from Environment Canada. It's the closest site to our public dancing.

More? Okay. Bring sun screen, a water bottle, beer mug and a brolly.

Here are the Canadian Climate Normals 1981-2010 Station Data - Victoria Int'l Airport weather station.

Temps are in the international language of degrees Celsius. For those used to Fahrenheit, take the C figure, double it, add 30. Close enough to degrees F. The other way is the other way, F -> C, subtract 30 and halve.