Fred turns NineT, so we'll have an Ale!

12-14 June 2015, Victoria, BC, Canada

Ale General Information page
                           Gonna get busy here soon

Fred’s Ninet’Ale Schedule

Saturday 13 June 2015


Tour 1

Tour 2


Hollytree, Tiddley Cove, Bridgetown, Drumbeggar

Quicksbottom, Island Thyme, VMM, Sound and Fury

9.30 AM

 9.45  - 10.30  James Bay Market

10.00 – 10.45 Langford  Market


Market Square

Bastion Square

Lunch, then  Pub


Bard & Banker


Centennial Square

Market Square


BC Legislature steps

BC Legislature steps

Morris sides attending

Hollytree Morris - Victoria, BC - a mixed side

Tiddley Cove Morris - Vancouver, BC - a womens side

Bridgetown Morris - Portland, OR - a mixed side

Renegade Rose Morris - Portland, OR - a womens side

Drumbeggar Border Morris - Gabriola Is., BC - a mixed side

Quicksbottom Morris - Victoria, BC - a mixed side

Island Thyme Morris - Victoria, BC - a womens side

Vancouver Morris Men - Vancouver, BC - a mens side

Sound and Fury - Seattle, WA - a mixed side

Registration - is open!

Registration is on-line with a company in Vancouver, hosted on a server located in Canada

Please register by 12 April 2015, and no later than 12 May 2015, if at all possible

You'll be able to use Visa, Mastercard, or INTERAC (a debit card with fancy credit card like codes)

Not got a card, or wish to use a cheque ("check")? Perhaps give your cheque, or cash, to a friend and have them help you at on-line registration time, just for the payment

Use of the on-line registration by all also helps us non-admin types keep the info organised

For visitors this also makes for an easy currency conversion/payment